What is Host Plant Resistance?

Host plant resistance is the range of adaptations and advancements evolved by plants in order to improve their survivability and chances of successful reproduction. This is achieved by reducing the overall effects of destructive herbivores.…
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Do Cockroaches Bite?

Cockroaches are renowned for being natural survivors, it seems as if they could survive almost anything. Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures and will eat almost anything they come across, including you.   So, do cockroaches bite?…
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Types of Pest Control

Natural Pest Control As far back as 3000BC in Egypt, cats were being used as a method of pest control to guard grain stores against rodents. In 1939 a survey uncovered that a population of cats could drastically lower the level of rats found…
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How To Tell If You Have Termites

Despite the fact that termites have a positive ecological impact in the wild due to the fact that they break down debris and add nutrients to the soil, these same behaviours can prove to be quite detrimental to the health of human houses. Termites…
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7 Things You Probably Don’t Know About The Funnel Web Spider

If you’re Australian, chances are you’ve heard of the funnel web spider before. It is one of the most notorious spiders in the country, and is found in eastern Australia. There are at least 40 different species of this spider currently being…
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Mosquito Repellent Home Remedy

Every year as warm weather approaches, so do large hordes of mosquitos intent on taking your juicy blood. Are you going to take that? Hell no! Often a time I will joke about the mosquitoes around my house being the size of birds, and they definitely…

Best Mouse Trap Bait Ideas

Successfully catching a mouse is all about using the right bait, for the right amount of time. If you are using unappealing bait, you will not catch any mice/rats. If you are consistently using the same bait you will also drive away mice &…
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How To Get Rid Of Roaches

Cockroaches can be a real pest around the house, getting into food and laying eggs around the home. Some times it can feel like there just isn’t any way to get rid of them. Professional treatment such as that offered by Reliance pest Control is…
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Pest Control Tips for Summer 2016

Reliance Pest control only uses the most highly effective and proven up to date treatments on the market today, and our Pest Technicians are trained in the latest Pest Control techniques and can advise of the best possible solutions to your…