What is Host Plant Resistance?

Host plant resistance is the range of adaptations and advancements evolved by plants in order to improve their survivability and chances of successful reproduction. This is achieved by reducing the overall effects of destructive herbivores.…
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Do Cockroaches Bite?

Cockroaches are renowned for being natural survivors, it seems as if they could survive almost anything. Cockroaches are omnivorous creatures and will eat almost anything they come across, including you.   So, do cockroaches bite?…
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Pest Control Tips for Summer 2016

Reliance Pest control only uses the most highly effective and proven up to date treatments on the market today, and our Pest Technicians are trained in the latest Pest Control techniques and can advise of the best possible solutions to your…

Keeping Pests Out of Your Garden!

If you have ever tended a garden, you know the hard work that goes into it. So the last thing any gardener wants is to see their labor get destroyed by unwanted pests. It's become a constant battle for Australians every year to keep pests away…